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Rated by Super Lawyers 
Matthew P. Quiring

Years of experience: 8
Position: Associate

Matthew has been advising and representing East Bay landlords in eviction and Rent Board matters since 2009. He lives in Berkeley and is an active member of the Alameda County Bar Association.

Matthew is the recipient of the 2010 Volunteer of the Year Award for his work on behalf of low-income landlords.


Years of experience: 21
Position: Associate

Alana began working with Clifford Fried and Steve Williams in 2008 and was instrumental in helping form the Fried & Williams law firm. She specializes in residential and commercial leasing, real property purchase and sales, and landlord-tenant litigation. She has experience representing clients in court and at rent board proceedings.

Alana has given numerous presentations on landlord-tenant law to the Rental Housing Association of Northern Alameda County and the Oakland Housing Authority.

Jonathan Madison

Years of experience: 1
Position: Associate

Jonathan provides strong and efficient legal assistance in matters involving estate planning, landlord-tenant, appellate matters, and civil litigation. 
​                                                             Beyond this, Jonathan regularly contributes opinion columns in newspapers circulated throughout the Bay Area, including the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Mateo Daily Journal.

Robin parvin

Years of experience: 27
Position: Legal Services Director & Senior Paralegal

Robin is an important part of the Fried & Williams law firm. She is a paralegal with an intimate understanding of the practice and procedure of real estate law. This comes from more than 27 years of experience working with Clifford Fried as a paralegal on more evictions than most eviction attorneys.


Our Team

Clifford E. Fried

Years of experience: 32
Position: Partner

Clifford has been a real estate lawyer for over 30 years focusing his practice on leasing law, rent control, and occupancy issues. He has handled hundreds of trials and appeals in his career. Clifford lectures on various real property issues and writes for several local apartment magazines and publications. He maintains the highest ratings by Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell and was named a Super Lawyer by San Francisco Magazine.

“I want to thank you for your assistance in securing possession of our unit. Your measured and timely legal advice helped us set realistic expectations right from the outset. More importantly, your confident and assertive handling of the tenant and her attorney were critical in eliciting an initial financial proposal from the tenant. We avoided mediation, and also avoided having to start the bidding ourselves, with the net result that the tenant left a substantial amount of money on the table.”


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Steven c. williams

Years of experience: 18
Position: Partner

Steve has been representing real property owners in the Bay Area since 1999. He has a wealth of experience in many areas of the law including landlord-tenant, co-ownership and neighbor disputes, and purchase and sales transactions.

Steve also regularly contributes legal opinions and articles to a variety of publications and gives talks on landlord-tenant related issues.

William C. Lynn

Years of experience: 9
Position: Associate

William has handled business transactions, business litigation, estate planning, landlord-tenant, family law, as well as civil litigation matters since 2008. William now focuses his practice on helping property owners and landlords.

​William is a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese and fully literate in reading and writing Chinese.

david semel

Years of experience: 18
Position: Associate

David has been providing strong and efficient legal assistance to Bay Area companies and individuals since 1999. He works with each client to achieve maximum productivity and favorable resolutions with determination and integrity.

From pre-litigation through trial, David is dedicated to working with you to reach your goals.