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Very Knowledgeable
"I'm a real estate broker who has worked with Steve in the past. He has helped me many times and I have always had a good experience. He is very knowledgeable and helpful to me and all my clients that I have recommended."


best of the best
"I am a property manager in San Francisco and understand how important it is to work with a strong, experienced attorney. We hired Clifford to help with a difficult tenant with a long history of nuisance behavior. Clifford's meticulous preparation and attention to detail led to a successful buyout of the tenant even as Clifford was preparing to take the case to a jury. I was very impressed with his professionalism and successful result for the property owner. We continue to work with Clifford, and his knowledge and experience with San Francisco rent control issues [are] invaluable."

"I am an administrative law judge and a client of Mr. Fried's. He is an extraordinarily diligent, tenacious, thorough, and talented lawyer. He listens to me as a client and responds to me as a person. He does the difficult research and preparation necessary to achieve the outstanding results that he has already achieved for me. He is at home in the courtroom, both when trying a case to a jury (as he did in my case) and when arguing to a judge. He has good objectivity and can represent and advise people on any side of a case. I endorse him without reservation.”

steve berlin
"My family found Matthew Quiring to be efficient and supportive in what was a difficult case regarding my father, as a longtime landlord in Berkeley/Oakland, and a tenant who is an old family friend. Ultimately, Matthew was able to resolve issues for us and to help us move forward, amicably. We appreciate Matthew's help and expertise."

“I am writing in advance of the verdict in our case because my satisfaction with David Semel's work and my opinion [are] not dependent on the verdict. Win or lose, you did an outstanding job. I appreciate your preparation, professionalism, and superior advocacy.

I am copying this email to Clifford Fried because I want him to know that he chose well when he hired you. In this season of gratitude, I am especially grateful that you are my lawyer.”

Mimi J