April 23, 2020

Basic landlord etiquette is one of the most effective ways to avoid big problems.

Why should landlords practice good etiquette?  

To avoid trouble, minimize problems, and enhance your tenants’ experience, it is wise to follow etiquette. Etiquette is the conduct or proced...

October 1, 2019

Yes, it is most likely permissible for a tenant to refuse to comply with a lease clause requiring the tenant to purchase renter’s insurance – but the effect on owners is not as alarming as you might think.

March 19, 2019

You can, and should, make a serious effort to help resolve this problem between your tenants. Not only will it cause them to stop bothering you, but it will help shield you from liability in the event one (or both) sets of tenants alleges legal damages based on your fa...

January 9, 2018

The disposition of personal property left behind after a tenancy has terminated and the premises have been vacated is governed by Code of Civil Procedure sections 1980 through 1991. You must give written notice to the tenant and anyone else you believe is an owner of...