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Mediation Services

Why mediate?

Mediation allows conflicting parties to discuss their disagreements with the help of a neutral, trained mediator. Problems between landlords, tenants, roommates, neighbors, employers and employees can all be amicably resolved through mediation. Mediation is also cost-effective and efficient compared to costly and lengthy court proceedings.

Alana Grice Conner brings a well-rounded perspective to all her mediations. With experience acting as both mediator and counsel, Alana understands the process to effectively reach resolutions.


Alana's mission is to develop creative and innovative solutions by bringing more than two decades of legal experience to the table. Based in Oakland, Alana is available to work with clients throughout the Bay Area.

Get in touch to learn more and set up a mediation.



  • Breach of Contract

  • Buy/Sell

  • Landlord/Tenant

  • Warranty of Habitability


  • Contractual

  • Conflict Resolution

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