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We Mourn the Passing of Our Friend and Colleague L. Jay Pedersen

Landlord attorney L. Jay Pedersen passed away on January 16, 2012. Jay was a fiercely competitive and highly competent litigator. Some of us at Fried & Williams had the privilege and honor of working with Jay and even trying cases with him in court. He will be missed by the landlord community. Jay was a first class defense attorney. On many cases where a landlord was being sued for wrongful eviction or breach of the warranty of habitability, Jay would be appointed by an insurance company to defend the landlord. Jay settled many cases to the satisfaction of his clients. And when necessary, he fought through trial and beyond. Some of his cases ended well for the landlord on appeal where the published opinions will live on and forever inure to the benefit of all landlords. We thank you Jay. For more about Jay, click here.

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