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Alert! Alameda (city) to Ban No Cause Evictions


City of Alameda City Council to Vote on “No Cause” Evictions

When the City of Alameda City Council passed their first eviction control ordinance (Ordinance 3148) in March 2016, it contained a special provision that granted landlords a limited ability to evict tenants without cause, depending on the number of rental units in the building where the eviction was to occur. On June 6, the City Council will vote on whether to approve a proposed amendment to Ordinance 3148. If the amendment passes, it would completely remove “no cause” eviction procedures from the ordinance. The Alameda Rent Program website has already posted a notice warning landlords that “no cause” eviction notices may be invalidated by this amendment, depending on when they were served on the tenant(s). The City Council’s agenda can be found here. The proposed vote is agenda item 6-C. Contact Fried & Williams if you have not yet obtained a certificate of exemption for your substantially rehabilitated residential rental property. 510-625-0100.

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