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Support SFAA's PAC and Legal Fund

Solidify your political voice by supporting SFAA's PAC & Legal Fund


SFAA’s Political Action Committee works to support and recommend local candidates and ballot measures to foster a friendlier environment for rental housing providers.

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There are a few main ways in which SFAA maintains its political relevance and trusted voice at City Hall: its community-based outreach, its unwavering legislative advocacy, and the strength of its legal fund. Our outreach and advocacy do much to build bridges with members of the Board of Supervisors, but ultimately, it is the threat and use of litigation that solidifies our political voice and relevancy. How and why do we litigate? There always will be legislators that do not care about the legality and constitutionality of their tenant-friendly ordinances. We litigate by being ready, willing and able to bring legal challenges whenever faced with unfair legislation. Tenant friendly activists and politicians have successfully whittled your property rights to the constitutional bone. In negotiating unwise or illegal legislation, SFAA absolutely must have the threat of litigation as a deterrent. If that legislation passes, the Board and Mayor must understand that SFAA will litigate and that SFAA will prevail. Most, if not all, of the unfair property legislation promulgated over the past 15 months would not, and in some cases will not, sustain legal scrutiny. Local politicians will not listen to us if we are unable and unwilling to litigate. We cannot litigate if we do not have the money. SFAA needs to stay relevant. We need to remain effective. We need your donations and help to further grow our legal fund. It will make a difference.

To make your contribution to SFAA's Legal Fund, click here.

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