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Alert! Oakland Claim of Exemption for Substantial Rehabilitation


Deadline for Oakland Claim of Exemption for Substantial Rehabilitation is June 30, 2017!

Buildings that have been “substantially rehabilitated” can be exempted from rent controls if they receive certification from the Rent Adjustment Program. Previously, there was no limit to how long a landlord could wait to claim this exemption after the rehabilitation was complete. As of September 20, 2016, all buildings that were rehabilitated before that date must claim their certificate of exemption by June 30, 2017. Properties that are not certified by that date will lose their chance to be exempted from rent control. Properties that are rehabilitated after September 20, 2016, may still claim their exemption. Contact Fried & Williams if you have not yet obtained a certificate of exemption for your substantially rehabilitated residential rental property. 510-625-0100.

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