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As a Property Owner in the City of Oakland, Here's What You Need to Know & Do

The City of Oakland’s rent board is called the Rent Adjustment Program or “RAP”. Landlords in Oakland are required by law to provide their tenants with something called a RAP Notice when the tenants move in and when serving a rent increase notice.

A RAP Notice explains the existence of the RAP and tenant rights under the rent laws of Oakland. The failure to provide a RAP Notice could result in a denial of future rent increases. If the landlord doesn’t provide a RAP Notice, the landlord cannot increase the rent until 6 months after the tenant receives the Notice.

Landlords must use the most current Notice form available. The RAP revises the Notice occasionally and doesn’t give landlords advance warning. So we will! Click on the link below for the current RAP Notice that landlords should be using. Go ahead and serve the Notice now even if you aren’t raising the rent any time soon. Keep a proof of service.

Download PDF • 728KB



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